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What constitutes an emergency?

Car Locksmith Services

An emergency is a serious situation wherein one requires immediate assistance. Some emergency situations include breaking your key in half in your automobile's keyhole. This is not unheard of in the extreme weather conditions that we have in Canada. Being stranded on the roadside realizing that your key is in the car and you've locked yourself out IS an emergency.

Losing your keys and having your auto car keys not function properly (like for the DODGE Challenger) IS an emergency. In any of these situations, do not hesitate to call us ASAP.

We Can Help!

No matter the emergency, when it comes to your car's lock needs, we've got you covered. Why wait for a tow truck in the winter or scorching heat when we'll be there in under 20 minutes to get you out of the fix! Your emergency call will be answered within seconds and help will be at your side in under 20. Car Locksmith is available 24/7 to aid you in any situation that requires immediate assistance.


With Car Locksmith just a call away, you can rest easy when travelling by your vehicle of choice. We provide roadside assistance including emergency car key replacements, jammed key hole repair, ignition key replacements for auto keys as well as auto repair if necessary.

No need to wait for a tow truck for an entire hour in the freezing call. We can be there within minutes of your emergency call. If you want a service that's going to answer your call, ring us now at 1-800-951-0243 OR 416-207-0844. If you're calling within the GTA, call us at 647.725.2016 for assistance 24/7.

Our Services

  • No matter what you need, Car Locksmith can help.

  • Car locksmiths can reprogram any damaged transponder key you need.

  • Is your ignition key buried within the cylinder switch? Don’t worry, the experts at Car Locksmith are already on the way!

  • Ignition not turning over? We can repair it no time!

  • Have you lost your car keys with no spare set? If so, Car Locksmith will be able to help obtain a set of replacement car keys or for whatever vehicle you have.

  • What do you do when your transponder key stops working or you simply lose it? If you don't want to wait or fork out a fortune, do what the car dealers do and come to us!

  • We specialise in restricted security masterkey systems and commercial hardware. Door closers, digital locks and exit devices.

  • With Car Locksmith 24/7 Emergency Service, you will get fast, reliable emergency road hazard assistance.